Hyena Mfg. was started in Brooklyn in 2015 by me, Mike Faudel, as an engraving company inspired by motorcycles, tattoos, art and music. Taking its cue from Vietnam-era trench art engraved on Zippos, Hyena's ethos has always been to make products that are both utilitarian and unique.  

I moved to Montreal in 2017, and built Hyena into a full-time endeavor, focusing on wholesale accounts across the US and Canada, expansion into apparel and heavy amounts of custom work. In 2019, I made the decision to stop doing Hyena as a job and focus only on the parts of it that I find the most enjoyable and fulfilling. This is the reason for stopping the wholesale program and cutting off the vast majority of custom work.

Hyena is still and will always be about creating hand-crafted, distinctive pieces with passion and love that are meant to be used, abused and grow better with age. 

Always original and always built to last. 

Stay Sharp.